New SVEAP optimized drive reactors deliver superior design and performance

Customers demand quality and performance , at a price that translates to “optimum value”. Being drive industry’s one of the leading provider of value added technology, we are proud to introduce the “ SVEAP” series of optimized drive reactors. This is the latest addition to a family of reactor products with a reputation for increasing the value and improving the system performance of power inverters. This SVEAP product has been designed to provide the same rugged reliability you have come to expect from our products in the smallest, lightest product package currently available in the market. SVEAP models, covering the complete range of impedance needs, are available for either the line or load side of a P W M drive. Providing the optimum selection for your application our SVEAP optimized drive reactors are your “Superior Design and Performance” Solution.

SVEAP optimized drive reactors are warranted against manufacturer’s defect for the life of the drive with which they are installed.

Performance Guarantee.

Properly sized for the application, a SVEAP reactor is guaranteed to eliminate any AC drive over voltage tripping problems. If a SVEAP reactor is installed and the tripping problem remains, we will take back the reactor and pay shipping both ways. (Offer valid for 60 days from date of shipment.)